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Out of the darkness and into the light comes our thoughts about web development, small business marketing, job seeking and finding your light. We found ours. We’ll help you find yours, too. You’re awesome already and we will help your light shine bright for everyone to see.

Spot Your Light helps small businesses and individuals distinguish themselves from all the competition. We’ll help you burn bright by crafting compelling content, building social media engagement, and designing a website that highlights the amazing work you do. You have something amazing to offer. We’ll weave a story you’ll be proud for everyone to hear. Helping your brand shine is what makes us glow, too.

Invite everyone you know to follow along and ask them to stay awhile, they’re going to want to see this. It’s finally time to pull back the curtains and step into your very own spot light.

Come take a seat and let us show you how to step into your very own spot light.



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