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We’ll help you burn bright by crafting compelling content, building social media engagement and designing a website that highlights the amazing work you do.

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How We Help You Shine

Are you a small business suffering from the inability to distinguish yourself from all the competitors out there?
We’ll help you burn bright by crafting compelling content, building social media engagement, and a website that highlights the amazing work you do.

Beautiful Website

You're amazing at what you do, and we want the world to know what makes you so special. So we'll build a beautiful website for you that shows off the amazing work you do.

Engaging Social Media

You're already awesome, you just need a place for everyone to talk about how awesome you are. We'll help you set up your social media platforms so they can do just that.


We write compelling content that customers will want to read. Whether that's the copyright for a website, blog post, email blast, or article in a magazine. We can help with it all.

Branded Materials

Get professionally branded materials that match the color and design of your company as a whole.

What’re you waiting for? Distinguish yourself now.

Projects We've Helped Brighten

People 4 Places
Web Design, Copywriting, Social Media, Branded Materials


From conception to execution, this refreshingly different boutique recruiting agency was brought to life through a cohesive branding strategy and a website integrated with their HR staffing CRM.

"Our company is different than the competition and in a crowded competitive space. Spot Your Light created an easy-to-navigate website for us that is beautifully simple but elegant. Their execution of the overall look of the brand is carried out seamlessly throughout every marketing piece they have created for us. We really stand out as something new, different and better than the rest."
Sophia Loveday

Copywriting, Social Media, Branded Materials


As an established and award-winning home cleaning and repair company in northern Florida, VHS was looking to drive sales and brand awareness. Through a blend of content and digital marketing, we have utilized social media, email marketing and editorial opportunities to showcase the amazing work they do. We grew Vie's social media following, generated sales leads and shaped their brand as a leading industry thinker.

"We needed to cast a wider net than we were getting with more traditional marketing channels. Spot Your Light was able to mobilize quickly to deploy a marketing strategy that really made us stand out. Our social media presence and web traffic are growing and our promotions are reaching more customers than ever."
John Waldrop, Owner of Vie Home Services

Copywriting, Social Media, Branded Materials


With projects that look fresh out of a magazine, VPG needed to stand out in a crowded sea of competition among landscaping companies. Establishing and growing an Instagram and Facebook presence has showcased their exceptional abilities, resulting in a strong following and a channel to provide inspiration to new customers that continues to drive website traffic.

"Spot Your Light has grown my brand through social media marketing and has helped distinguish me in a crowded market of competitors. Having a partner like them that can take the reins and work effectively with little guidance is a huge advantage as a small business owner."
Jennifer Waldrop, Owner of Vie Plant & Garden Design

Web Design


Rincs needed a way to showcase off her amazing art. We delivered a website that allowed her to curate her best works and give them the light they deserve!

"They really listened to my needs and request for the site, and went above and beyond in the creation and features! I couldn't be happier!! They're easy to work with and you can be assured that your site or project will be 100% if Spot Your Light's working on it!"

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