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Job Seeker Package for $299

Are you a professional seeking employment and in need of a way of showing off just how awesome you are?
You'll get a website with 6 months of free hosting, 50 business cards, and a professional email signature as part of the all inclusive package!

See what Human Resources professional Katie Howard has to say...

Katie Howard testimonial
"Spot Your Light creates websites that highlight a candidate's qualifications, skills, accomplishments and personality which gives me a better understanding of their fit for a position. The coordinating website, business card and email signature build a brand for job seekers that helps them stand out in a crowd of applicants."

What kind of website? It'll look like Igor Davidenko's website but then we'll help you:

  • Pick the websites color.
  • Use your pics along with stock photography to update images.
  • Write the perfect slogan and biography for you.
  • Add your portfolio pieces to show off your amazing work!
  • Upload your own resume.
  • Set your email and LinkedIn contact info.

You'll also receive 6 months of free hosting by us!

What kind of business card? It'll look like the example but then we'll:

  • Use your websites color.
  • Use your name, slogan, and header image for the front.
  • Use your name, title, phone, email, and website for the back.

You'll receive 50 business cards sent to you for free!

What kind of email signature? It'll look like the example but then we'll:

  • Use your profile image and slogan for the left side.
  • Use your name, website, and bio for the right side.

You'll be able to simply copy and paste it into your email client.

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Build My Personal Brand

Small Business

Are you a small business suffering from the inability to distinguish yourself from all the competitors out there?
We'll help you burn bright by crafting compelling content, building social media engagement, and designing a website that highlights the amazing work you do.

Beautiful Website

You're amazing at what you do, and we want the world to know what makes you so special. So we'll build a beautiful website for you that shows off the amazing work you do.

Engaging Social Media

You're already awesome, you just need a place for everyone to talk about how awesome you are. We'll help you set up your social media platforms so they can do just that.

Monthly Reporting

Data is important but we recognize that it can sometimes be hard to make sense of. That's why we provide marketing data in simple terms and even include a term sheet so you always know what's what.

Content Marketing

We write compelling content that customers will want to read. Whether that's the copyright for a website, blog post, email blast, or article in a magazine. We can help with it all.

Branded Materials

Get professionally branded materials that match the color and design of your company as a whole.

Stylish Email Signature

People often forget about email signatures, but they really set the tone. With a stylish email signature, you'll be sure to stand out in every email conversation you have!

What're you waiting for? Distinguish yourself now.
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Igor Davidenko
Engineer Portfolio Website

Igor Davidenko is a product designer and mechanical / design engineer who is focused on designing reliable and durable products that help humanity stay comfortable and safe.
Igor Davidenko Thumbnail

"The process was so simple. I went from an old fashioned resume to a professional website with business cards and an email signature that match with almost no effort! It has given me more confidence when applying for jobs. You guys are awesome."

Vie Home Services
Small Business Marketing

As an established and award-winning home cleaning and repair company in northern Florida, VHS was looking to drive sales and brand awareness. Through a blend of content and digital marketing, we have utilized social media, email marketing and editorial opportunities to showcase the amazing work they do. We grew Vie's social media following, generated sales leads and shaped their brand as a leading industry thinker.

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